PUBG Full Game Guide [PDF]

Full Guide for Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) - Download it in PDF

Now, How to Survive when are still beginner, How to play PUBG with advance style, How to get even more battle point to purchase item & makes you even stronger, & all weapons you can get and how to use it

The PUBG, You could call it the hungergames style game now are hot. Everyone playing it. It hits every platform from PC, to console, and last the Mobile.

and I believe this guide will help you advance the PUBG quicker. The first guide was about how to survive as the new player or total beginner, The best place for landing, weapon and items you need to get, and all vehicle you can found.

To be the winner you need to be the last man standing, and it's not easy, at the very best everyone can hope was to a least can do 1 or 2 kills, PUBG Advance Guide will help dig more further inside PUBG area.

& we move to Battlepoint, the one that everyone need, the one that you can use to get more greater weapon, items, and more. How to get it quicker, more, and easier. How to Generate PUBG Battlepoint will be our main focus in the next guide.

the last, the weapons guide. A lot of cool weapons you can use, spread in different house area, with each special uniqueness and ability, you need to find one that match your game play style. Weapons guide will help you understand each key weapons you can get.

Download PUBG Full Guide [PDF]

Don't Starve Full Game Guide - PDF Walkthrough

When we see this with the Features and the game play - we know it will be tough and it's tough.
That's so many you need to do, and must do, this is not an option but the action you must do to kept survive in this game. That's so many. You need to find food to eat, you need to find some material to make tools, you also need to craft to make fire at the night, you need tools like crock pot to cook more great food, so it was just like put yourself inside unknown place, unknown jungle and you need to live on, kept searching for way out and fight with the nature of life. Hunger, Cold, Animal, Day & Night, Cold Seasons, Cooking, Farming, Make Tent, Cloth to survive cold, Food storage icebox, and more you can get. So how long you can survive without guide? 15 Minutes?, 30 Minutes?, or even Just few minutes? without Guide.

This is the Full PDF guide for this - Hope it help - Download and Use it, count it this time with Guide How long you can survive in this game:

Share your though below and it will be fun

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