Don't Starve Full Game Guide - PDF Walkthrough

When we see this with the Features and the game play - we know it will be tough and it's tough.
That's so many you need to do, and must do, this is not an option but the action you must do to kept survive in this game. That's so many. You need to find food to eat, you need to find some material to make tools, you also need to craft to make fire at the night, you need tools like crock pot to cook more great food, so it was just like put yourself inside unknown place, unknown jungle and you need to live on, kept searching for way out and fight with the nature of life. Hunger, Cold, Animal, Day & Night, Cold Seasons, Cooking, Farming, Make Tent, Cloth to survive cold, Food storage icebox, and more you can get. So how long you can survive without guide? 15 Minutes?, 30 Minutes?, or even Just few minutes? without Guide.

This is the Full PDF guide for this - Hope it help - Download and Use it, count it this time with Guide How long you can survive in this game:

Share your though below and it will be fun

Puru Fruit Bubble - Free Games

The another cute bubble shooting game that you will love. This game maybe remind you for the same gameplay of the popular shooting bubble game. Bubble Bobble.
If you are looking for a games like bubble bobble and you definitely should give Puru Puru a try.

Title: Puru Puru Fruit Bubble.
Prize: Free
Gameplay: Bubble Shooter Game / Puzzle.

Use link below to go to Game Page:
>>>Play Puru Puru Fruit Bubble

Short Game Review:

Like you see at Cover screenshot above, gameplay divide into 2 option challenge - Arcade and Original.
You task is to solve puzzle by shooting bubble contain fruit inside, use arrow to target same fruit/color with 2 in line.
Speed will increase by time and challenge will level up - just everything you love in hit bubble bobble shooter game, you will find the same taste in Puru Puru.


Graphic itself is pretty simple and of course you can't hope for amazing type of graphic for this type of gameplay. So, no more review - I'm pretty sure you want to just skip this and go to the game page - if this is the game you are looking for.

Use link below to go to Game Page:
>>>Play Puru Puru Fruit Bubble

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