DFVplay Update

Free to Play
This page will list all games available to download for free or play it online for free, everything that's free to play will add here

Add Games List
Will list all games in all platform

Post Your into Add Your Game
The Best Way, we came out in this few days about adding new thing to support creative project. Add Your Game quickly decided to the first one. "Add Your Game" will be replace post your. In the middle of September, we will try to launch our new idea to spread all your great free game, and help get more player. Kept Creative, Kept Motivated

Let's Support World Creative Project - Menu Launched
We created special page at our new update, The Page for Whole Creative Project we found out interesting - support them to bring world render more creative project in the future

Transformation Near The End
Transformation this whole blog really need some extra time and hard battle for Our Teams. We already there now, by the end of the YEAR whole low quality post will be burn into our net trash. We already found the best solution for DFVmedia in the future.

Post Your V.1.1 Testing  
"Post Your" Version 1.1 in testing. Check the "Post Your" page now for more detail
More About DFVmedia V.1.0
Now we're doing a major overhaul. Eliminate the posts that are less good, and kept trying to give an informative article, quality and useful. thank you.
DFVmedia is a blog that is now undergoing the transition and continue to change for the better.
Everything you find in the site is information, we do not cooperate with any party for any article published. 

Post Your V.1.0 Beta
Post Your Version 1 Launched. Soon it will reach final Version

DFVmedia V.1.0
Yes, we finally changed things much better and more professional.
We named him DFVmedia Version 1, because we will continue to change and there will be a version other versions.

July 2, 2011:
We totally change the design on DFVmedia.
Change it much cleaner, and keep the speed of opening our pages, to increase.
We conducted several studies to show the image board design more fresh, fun, and do not give the impression that heavy eyes.

New features that will then be completed:

1. DFVmedia Update
Contains all the updated versions of DFVmedia, is the center of the info only with respect to DFVmedia
2. Post Your
In the future, when we feel have got a decent place in the line of search engine results, we are open to receive anyone who wants to make a post on DFVmedia for media promotion of their web or a variety of purposes.

Thank You All
DFVmedia Team

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