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Maybe you have ever visited this page, find the difference between the "Post Your" and "Add Your Game".

At the end of this month we are giving a chance for you, anyone who has just made ​​the game, or have a game that was about to be promoted to all people. Our job is to distribute your game to the players as much as possible, and this is an advantage for you. more and more players are playing the game you make, the more your earn an income and motivation to make your next game project that much more remarkable.
Just give us the address where we can find your game and play. We will review your game, and of course if your game is included in the category of quality, we will be happy to include your in the list of games that will be launched in the coming month, and distributed throughout the world.

So how?
Just send us a link where your can play the game, for now we just limit the game that can be played through the webbrowser.

and the most fun are we going to do all these things for free, not for you but your game.

We have always believed, great game should always be played by everyone.

Leave your link on our comment form.

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