The Whispered World

The Whispered World
PC Game
Whispered World ? this is a wonderful adventure game that takes you to the exciting fantasy world. You expect beautiful landscapes with great detail and carefully designed the characters in the style of cartoon. A young clown Zadvik traveling with a traveling circus, his family across the world, and he wants to be a hero. Deep inside Zadvik feels long deep melancholy and the desire to escape from the gray of everyday life. One night a strange type of interpretation of a dream and sends Zadvika a trip, which should change his life. Together with his pet Zadvik is in a distant world full of dangerous adventures, and Zadvika depends on his fate. In the classical style Point & Click Zadvikom you manage and your pet the wings for a fantastic game. This Whispered World mixes elements of fairy tales with shades of melancholy to the illustrated-strong epic. Rich music, live to create an ensemble of classical musicians, as well as high-quality language channel will take care of your good mood.

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