Picross 3D (DS)

Prepare your mind for a puzzling mental work-out, as Picross 3D DS comes to the DS. Whether the puzzle solver within you prefers logic tasks or quick thinking conundrums, there will be something in Picross 3D DS for you.

Fancy being your own puzzle master? Bursting with fiendishly difficult puzzle ideas? Dedicated Picross fans will be pleased to know that, similar to its 2D predecessor, Picross 3D DS offers a level editor for users to create new puzzles and share them with your friends and family via local wireless connection.

Moreover, if you fancy putting your puzzle to the test, you can enter your logic teaser into an international competition via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can download additional content, including both new official puzzles and other people's home-made gems!

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