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Genre : RPG
Product Descriptions:

Hazen is an episodic Action/RPG. The first episode is called The Dark Whispers, and will bring some freshness to the world of Hack 'n' Slash Games. Every single episode will be a standalone game with enough game-play and high re-play value. Stay tuned for more information about The Dark Whispers and the world of Hazen.
The first episode of the cycle begins with a travelling adventurer involved in a local problem. He becomes part of a greater plot, in time facing more and more challenging enemies. Near Darkvale the adventurer was attacked by undead creatures. Seeking shelter in the village he agreed to help out the mayor and investigate the source of the recent events.
  • Discover the beauty of this episodic Hack 'n' Slash game, a world that grows more and more (adding more content and features in each episode).
  • Be part of one detailed Action game, with deep character development possibilities.
  • Advanced combat system will make the battles "a true delight" and totally unpredictable.
  • Thousands of different items will be at your disposal (common, magic, unique, set, ancients and specially designed crafted items).
  • Freedom to develop your character (you can pick whatever you consider most suitable for your playing style). Pure brutal Warrior, mighty Wizard or swift Archer, hmm... or maybe something more balanced - it depends on you.
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