I Hate and Love Make Money Online

Everyone this days look for Ultimate Money Online.
First: You can spent total of your lifetime with your family
Second: No earning Limitation
Third: It's cheap. Have a Website, paid the domain and hosting cost and you already in line.
Fourth: It can run automate, you got paid even when you are on Hospital, Holiday, etc

What I hate
First: Money Online make the entire Internet and Online activity become so dangerous.
Second: People start spamming everywhere
Third: People even got paid to sharing Virus, Malware, and everything that can hit you to pay.
Fourth: Your Competitor, even he/she is your close friend. One day they will become your real enemy and ruin you down.

Why I love
First: I already make money online and prove it really work.
Second: I make my family live more better
Third: Paid my own college. I'm proud myself

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