Title: Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC)
Platform: PC
Anyone now, knew Call of Duty Black Ops as a phenomenal game. Has gameplay that captivated the hearts of lovers of Call of Duty in the series before, now the latest series titled Call of duty black ops launched into the market.

Graphical display remains very intriguing, black ops gameplay and plot displays a much more remarkable than the previous series. Of course if you play on the Xbox 360, the graphics rendering quality remains very good, though not as good as the PC version of black ops.

The most interesting part of the series this time is the Black Ops single player feature where there is a very interesting storyline, with backgrounds Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis and several other background increasingly turn every piece of the story.

Unlike the single player features, multiplayer features in Black Ops series actually has a very disappointing performance for some Call Of Duty series fans. Security reasons, where a few players who can cheating in playing to be the cause.

Some other things also reduce the value of the call of duty series this time, examples such as a time when for every shot, there are always times when we can not move or anything else that is also common in other games. Things are certainly expected to be eliminated on the series call of duty in the future.

Overall, if you are a fans or connoisseur of the game series call of duty - black ops series is clearly obliged to play. Black Ops will take you into a new world war, with the new location set, and new storylines that will make you more fall in love with this Call of Duty series.

Just a Tips: some people may have problems playing this game as your PC's performance is problematic, either because your PC requirements are less than the standard game or a particular problem. What is certain in the Black Ops series has features called "Shader Warming", if you later experience performance issues while playing this game - try turning off this feature.

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