Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze for Mac Game review

Product Name: Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze
Platform: Mac
Product Description:
Dream Chronicles 2 takes you deeper into the dream realm than ever before with over eighty engaging puzzles offering all-new challenges and longer game play. Play as our heroine, Faye, who is on a quest to reunite with her husband, Fidget, and fight the entrapment spells left behind by the Fairy Queen of Dreams! Navigate through a stunning story world full of intricate puzzles and magical landscapes! Unravel the secrets of the fairy realm as you unlock new game chapters and collect dream jewels!

Product Review:
Nice Graphics
The entire Dream Chronicles games have amazing graphics and are fairly challenging. I often have to cheat from the internet one or two occasions to beat these, but i like that is challenging enough to stump me. Dream Chronicles three is the most effective, but it is best to play all three so as because the story makes extra sense.

I discovered the chess puzzle inconceivable
I loved the beginning of the sport but discovered the chess puzzle impossible and couldn't skip it to continue the sport, so I needed to quit. I've so as to add that I am 70 years outdated and have slowed down. To make the puzzle more difficult for me the sounds did not correspond with the keys so my musical background made it more difficult.

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