Google Update Prove Fast Directory Submitter Work for us

In middle of 2010, we try to make this site more serious. First move was increase the Pagerank itself, we are too focus on Instant SEO and never do this stuff. So time to prove we can do it.
It's not about get Page rank or not, it's all about how the system work. How we rank, how easy to get it, or what kind of impact after the achievement.

In the end of 2010 we found one tool, maybe the only tool we use to. We are totally lazy teams, boring linking, boring searching, boring analysis. So this tool help us a lot.

Fast Directory Submitter.
We already suggest to all of you after found it on our short review.

Why We want to test this tool?
Cause it free, we are sick buying totally useless stuff. So we get it free, and no cost to give it a try.
of course they have paid version too, check by yourself better. We are not affiliate

Finally we got the Position.

We got our Pagerank in 1 month. Surprise?!. Not really, it just proved this tool totally work.
Are we gonna make our Pagerank more higher?
No, for what?. We are just lazy teams, but we will consider it if the situation change.

Are get benefit after got Pagerank?
Yeah, not really a benefit. Just our Comment box more daily spammer coming and we need to delete one by one sort the good one and the other horrible spammer.

Do we get rank better for our page?
Nope, maybe our Pagerank still not high enough, I guess 8/10 will better (We're laughing here). Some of  Our Pages already rank well before we got Pagerank.

If you make a site just chasing the money or pagerank for commercial purpose, it will not make you higher.
Make our site the best and unique content and everything will come as nature as the system work.

Wanna test it too??, check by yourself Fast Directory Submitter.
Get the link from Google, Typing Fast Directory Submiter: Go to Google

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