Epic Fight: Facebook Versus Google Plus

The presence of Google Plus this time it is not likely to give birth a fierce fight with Facebook. Interesting, and worth the wait, will the battle of life and death happening as it happens on friendster.
Google's huge presence in the world of social networking, back across my mind, when a few hours ago I got an email from my friend who requested an invitation for google plus. This is similar when google launched gmail, limit the users who ultimately creates a feeling of curiosity.

Google could be regarded as the ruler of the world of cyberspace, who slept more than a few decades. When I follow the historical development of the search giant's site, the progression from one year to nearly the point 0. Google did not make a significant innovation at the time, but now the giant was awake from his sleep.

Starting from 2010, until 2011. The appearance of the phenomenal variety of sites, like Facebook, finally dragging Google to start moving, Innovate or Die.

Google changed everything from algorithms that disturbing the internet marketer, layout view, the appearance of new applications, to reform the design on Google, though I said the design overhaul of which is not too much but it gives a dazzling search speed.

Now it has reached the stage of innovation in Social Media. Facebook as Social Media giants today, clearly must be getting ready to drain the creativity, the next time Google Plus program enters its final stage, which means the war began.

Looking at it from various sides, Google Plus will have the advantage. I'm not talking about the content and features of Google Plus the future, but the supporting elements behind it.

Google has nearly had it all. Smart Phone in Android, Google's Chrome Browser, Gmail, Orkut, and YouTube. and when all those things combined, will form a circle of interrelated and the results certainly could have been predicted.

Although the description above can be seen clearly the future of Google Plus and Facebook, virtual world clearly has its own uniqueness and vitality. There is no 100% precise predictions, although only 1%, Facebook can still win. All of it stems from the unique nature of the wearer, that is Humans.

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