ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead PC

Arma 2 PC

Game Name: ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead
Game Description:
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Much like its predecessor, the primary selling point of Operation Arrowhead is its setting, which swaps the thick forests of Chernarus in favor of the vast mountain ranges, boundless steppes, and parched deserts of the fictitious Central Asian country of Takistan. Both the natural landscapes and the various human settlements, including the teeming capital city of Zargabad that notably boasts a gorgeous Persian-style mosque decorated with mosaic tiles, are characterized by meticulous attention to detail that reveals the story of the place. For instance, the mountains are filled with quaint, well-worn trails, while outside the prayer room of the mosque, you’ll find the shoes of the worshippers within. However, the tranquil beauty of Takistan hides a nation in turmoil. The Saddam Hussein-esque Colonel Aziz (who has a penchant for gaudy artwork and carries a golden gun) and his military junta have launched an invasion of their oil-rich neighbors in Karzeghistan. Not amused by Aziz’s tomfoolery, the United States has vowed to overthrow the adventurous junta and has sent in the military to do the job.
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