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Want to Make Your Own Game - Step by step. Several years ago, when I was still in high school. Subject computer, that's the first time, I know the world of online gaming. Ragnarok my first game, made me fascinated, amazed, and forget all the fatigue of the day. I Want to Make My Own Game.

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At that time, Online Game, not as popular and as many as today. If you want to play games online, we must pay-per-hour internet access, gaming and buying vouchers in a special place.

The presence of a 3G world.
Technology is speeding year by year finally brought a fresh breeze in the world of online games. Internet access can finally be obtained without going through the various administrative complex and also with a very low price.

Start of 3G technology, Internet users increased rapidly. Media industry, gaming, and a variety of online content, too, have evolved.

Entrance to the era of Social Media, up infecting the whole world.
Entering this era, Online Games came up with variants of the more impressive, and addictive all who play it. At this time I decided to re-build my dream which I have grave at the school.

I could be drawing, designing, and has a concept, but not for programming affairs.

Advice: "If we can not stand alone, take your best friend to help you stand together."

I invited a few friends who have a dream, vision, and the same mission.

What do I need to make a game?
Phase 1:
1. Decide genre of games you want to create
2. Decide on which platforms, our games will be marketed. (offline or online)

Phase 2:
I need a friend with a particular position:
1. Producer
He will manage all of completion when making games, setting a schedule as well as supervisors.
2. Designer
He will design the entire concept of the game, making game concept document, and various designs in games like quests, items, etc.
3. Artist
He will do all design illustrations needed in the game. Animated characters, etc.
4. Programmer
He'll do all the design related to programming, coding in accordance with the concept of gaming.
5. Sound Engineering
Supplying all types of music, which required in-game sound
6. Tester
Test the game, and fix bugs in the game
7. We decided, requires a skilled marketer
Marketing the games that have been made​​, so that it can provide in terms of commercial success and brand.

After all positions have been met (although for some games, some positions are not absolutely necessary), time to make pre-production documents.

Pre Production Document (Game Design Document):
The document is a brief description about all the things that exist in the game.
The concept of the game, quests, items, etc., in detail.

Game Production:
After everything is clear, this is the final step to enter the stage of making the existing concept into reality.

Those are some basic processes, which I and the team did, although at the time of execution or the making, will arise from problems. As long as they keep the spirit and motivated, all problems will be overcome and passed.

In early July 2011 we will launch our game.

Thank you, hopefully this short article could provide a brief and inspiring.

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