Wii U finally introduced - attractive, Genius and Charming

A few days ago the latest products, finally introduced. Wii U, comes with a more interactive style, genius, and very charming.

A clever innovation

A clever innovation. Collaboration between technology ipad, Nintendo DS, and Wii. Wii U gives a special screen to support the portable feature. Playing games with or without television.We can play games such as playing the PSP, Nintendo DS, or a touch screen like Ipad.

The Ultimate Collaboration

The combination of the previous wii controller with Wii u controller, making the wii game is much more interactive and impressive. Players will be brought to the dimensions without end that eliminates the boundaries between the real world and the world of gaming. Collaboration 2 controller we call as the ultimate collaboration.

Wii U controller can also be taken nowhere, in this condition, a health game will on and calculate the amount of your foot steps and calories burned. Wii U can also be used for video calls, take pictures, and a variety of features that make it close to the tablet computer technology.

Although it has been introduced to the market, price range and when Wii U console will be sold also can not be certain .

The launch of this new Wii with a variety of impressive features will further enliven the world of gaming universe. Whatever Wii U prices later on, it will be a wait for game lovers in the world to be able to immediately enjoy this console.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Nintendo Wii U

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