Wii Play Motion - Family Game Ready Coloring This Holiday Season

Wii Play Motion is ready to be released tomorrow, 13 June 2011. A party game that is perfect for your relationship with the family the days of this long holiday. Comes with game features a much more fresh and tingly. After previous success with games tennis, boxing, bowling, golf, racing cow, table tennis, and a variety of games that is sure to please. Wii Play Motion again showing the more crazy ideas, more horrendous, and certainly make all your family smiling all the time.

Name: Wii Play - Motion with Black Wii Remote Plus
Platform: Wii 
Genre: Party
Release Date: 13 June 2011 
Publisher: Nintendo

What will you find in the Wii Play - Motion ?

To launch this game, Wii Play comes with the Wii Remote Motion Plus Controller in it for every buyer.

What game would you find ?

Consisting of 12 games a very tingly and unique. Wii play games in the previous edition of the game always presents ideas that can make us laugh and spend time with family fun. Wii Play Motion Through the same thing will also happen

1. Prepare your ice cream and balance it. Maybe if you just make ice cream impression will appear normal, but for obviously different this time. Yours or your Mii character is required to hold a giant ice cream with a size 3 times larger, then stack one by one giant ice cream will fall and your job is to balance high-high pile of stones.
Uniqueness: You'll find a pile of ice cream you can reach a height in excess of the building even touch the clouds

2. Diving and Bringing treasures. For the game this time, you will dive to retrieve all the treasure that is towing. There are so many treasures, diamonds, treasure chests, and money plentiful but there are challenges. Limited breath, this treasure so much that should be in the lift 2 persons who are required to appoint a joint together, the attack of jellyfish - jellyfish, and the most horrible is chasing a giant Oktopus.
Uniqueness: Exploration of the sea, treasure, and cooperation.

3. Throwing stones into the water - dancing stone Maybe this is a game that most often we do in the real world. Throw your stones into the water, and how many times you can jump the rock above the water.
Uniqueness: Unlike the real world, perhaps you will be able to produce a stone that jump in the number of 2 digits.

4 Capturing Ghosts This time you will be serving as a ghost catcher, visiting haunted houses. Discover haunted, remove your equipment and clean the house from evil spirits attack.

5. Gliding and races use an umbrella using the power of the wind, your Mii will be given an umbrella, rolled tightly and should land disasaran determined to get the high points.
In addition to the above 5 game, there are seven unique games that will continue to fill your family holiday.

So be prepared for the recent launch of the Wii Play Motion game tomorrow, 13 June 2011, Always fun and come up with new ideas.

Our rating: 6 / 10

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