Dogs are creatures of Life, not Objects

I am well remember once when I first had a dog friend. Millions of new feelings that can not be described. Emotional bond that is so, so we could tell, he is a member of our family. Maybe that's the beginning of the story, a dog has become a symbol of a harmonious family in America.

Love Without Dialog

Maybe if you're movie fans, a genre of drama. You must have watched a variety of adventure stories of dogs and their employers. Emotional bond and loyalty without the tip of the innocent and sincere. The story in the film, imaged very clearly, even though no dialogue, the dog clearly says "I am loyal to the master, because I love him. All I Need is the reward of His love."

I watched the first story in a film is when a dog that grew up with his master. Starting from the child's first encounter with a baby dog​​, they end spending time together, until one day his master was kidnapped, the dog who knows his master more than anyone finally succeeded in saving his master. The story then continues, until the master was growing up, so did the dog. The master eventually be required to follow compulsory military service, leaving the dog alone.

Despite not knowing the existence of the his master, the dog remained convinced one day his master would come home, Day after day the dog continues to wait for his master's room, where they first met. Time passed, until finally the master finally returned from military service, but the dog has died of old age.

Meaning of Creatures

Are you crying, read the story above? (Maybe for a moment I recalled my childhood), (then laughing out loud).

There are still hundreds and hundreds of true stories, about love and loyalty of a dog, but it's not the reason I picked up the topic of dogs.

Loyalty, compassion, and love of a dog it's not well rewarded in different countries. I was so sad when there's a wealthy family who bought a puppy, enter into a very narrow cage, then make a puppy as a toy with a pierced using a stick.

The worst may never have imagined. Making a dog as food, this point brings human beings in history's most savage creatures ever invented.

If you are a dog owner, remember these points:
1. The dog is not the object.
2. Living beings are sacred, and not objects that can be bought.
3. If you get a dog just to torment him, your sin is very heavy.
4. If you understand the essence of life, then all living beings are equal in the wheel of life.
5. to this point I obviously no understand, but dogs can understand us, but we can only understand them through feelings.

There are so many points I want to say, but the more I write, I feel increasingly restless. So this is a good time to end it.

Hopefully we continue to love no only dogs, but also all the animals ever created by God and destined to meet us and fill our life line.

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