SWIFFY. Is it going end the era of Flash into HTML 5?

The launch of SWIFFY this time again reminds us the words of Steve Jobs, Flash is the past, and HTML 5 as a new era. Flash did rule the world, especially the world of applications, for decades, causing the flash to be a science that now began to be taught in schools.

New Era

Even so, the lack of Flash still can not be covered, Flash is very incriminating computer users, spend the bandwidth of website owners, and would shorten the battery usage time. Perhaps there is an obvious reason, why iPad clearly avoid Flash in it which ultimately led to this device can be used more than 10 hours though for playing games.

Is there nothing that can replace Flash, but is much more efficient and lighter?

Maybe a few more years, answer "Yes" will appear. Occurrences initial version will probably be the starting point the resurrection of HTML 5.


If you want to try , you can find it in GoogleLabs. function is to allow you to upload your Flash files to be converted into HTML5 which can be operated very easily, quickly and efficiently.

Google has provided some examples on the Swiffy home page , how work, a comparison of Flash and Conversion Results.

Symphony Orchestra Example
Game Example
 (LEFT: Original Flash Animation ; RIGHT: Swiffy Conversion)

Our conclusion:
Even though it is an amazing achievement, examples of comparison between Flash and The Conversion can clearly portray the greatness of Flash. In terms of animation, the movement of objects in Flash is very smooth when compared with the results of the conversion. Graphics quality is also a contributing factor that Swiffy still be undergoing further development to achieve the perfect position. Although the results of the comparison still reveals Flash excellence, achievement at Swiffy the first version, obviously is a fresh breeze of the future that we will breathe later.

Try Swiffy Here: Google Swiffy

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