Healthy Heart with Apples

One Apple, One Life

Eat an apple to extend your heartbeat

Already no stranger to our ears, to hear people say that the one apple a day will keep us away from the doctor. And now what about the saying an apple for a healthy heart?
Recently an apple in the research by a number of experts from the University of Western Australia, was found to increase production niteat oxide (NO) and function Edotel at Heart. Where Nitric Oxide can improve cardiovascular health as well as dilation of blood vessels, so that the amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrients, which can be transported more into the whole body.

While Endothelial which is a thin layer of cells lining the blood vessels serves to reduce blood flow and helps terbulensi distribution of blood throughout the body. And if there is damage to endothelial function may lead to various heart problems such as coronary heart disease, and heart failure. In studies on apples was found that apples can prevent the failure of endothelial function.
Lead researcher, Catherine Bondono said "the flavonoid in apples are very good and DAPT increased nitric oxide production and endothelial function. Where The high content of flavonoids to eat will produce very good effects on the body by eating an apple."

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