5 things most needed by Children with Autism

This is the love that we can give to children with autism

For parents who have children with autism need to have patience, more concerned with his son, always understand the needs of the child, seeks assertive but not the faucet, and all executed with empathy.
The psychiatrist, dr. Kresno Mulyadi, SpKJ, five mentions the needs of children with autism, who need more extra attention by the parents as well his family.

1. Communication (usually in communication with an autistic child less than optimal, parents just need to be patient, do not press the child, understand his condition at that time, and to talk again to your point delivered and received well).

2. Socialization (child with severe autism tend to be alone, while children with mild autism tend to give the impression he is picky about something. That way identify autism in children and do not forbid children to do what they like and make them comfortable. Accompany children activities, try not any compulsion).

3. Emotions (children with autism have emotional instability, irritability, irrational fear, laugh too much. But never think it strange, understand emotions because her feelings are very sensitive (it can be very sensitive), but also can have no empathy at all. Treatment by parents who mistakenly over his emotions, impact on children with autism).

4. Repetitive (children with autism usually do things over and over again as she likes to eat the food she likes continuously whenever he was hungry, he likes listening to songs over and over - again. And the task of parenting is to introduce something new to him, if the child has not wanted to, should not be forced but slowly with patience).

5. Perception (autistic children usually feel uncomfortable with the senses, not like the sound - a certain sound he heard, his eyes are also normal to feel uncomfortable when looking at a particular light. Here parents need to empathize and understand these conditions. Parents need to respond in an appropriate manner, patient , empathize, but not indulgent, seeking firm but not hard).

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