"The State of Baby Smookers" new Nickname for the Republic of Indonesia

Smokers Heaven for Babies

The international anti-smoking activists gave the nickname "baby smookers country" to Indonesia due to found a number of children under the age of 11 months has been smoking cigarettes. Given the nickname shows the severity of problems to overcome to keep children from smoking habit.

There are still many parents who are less concerned with children who smoke because they do not know the dangers of smoking. Previously know and found 12 cases of babies smoking. Whereas before Indonesia alone has earned the nickname "Kid Smookers" which found children aged 5 to 15 years old smoking. Where the number reached 24.5% of the total of boys and 2.3% in girls. These bad habits are formed due to their promotion through advertising very aggressively targeting that age, where the group of adults tend to stick to one brand only. And it is not true if we assume that adolescent smoking is a relaxed lifestyle, male as well as the courage to face the adventure of life.

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