Shocking case in South Africa: Rat Eating 2 Human Babies

Sad story from South Africa

South Africa is being terrorized by a mouse, where this is not an ordinary mouse but a giant rat that has a body size of a cat and can grow up to 1 meter from snout to tail, in addition to the mice along the front teeth 2.5 cm. With the size of that of the rats to find a large prey, which is a human baby.

This week's terrible tragedy which occurred two giant rats consuming 2 babies in 2 different events. The first is Lunathi Dwadwa (3) died in her sleep outside the Cape Town region, while the baby is a longer fall prey to mice in Soweto on the same day. Lunathi found dead with horrific by their parents, Sunday (5/29/2011) and no tears or screams. "I can not forget how terrible the condition of my son, his eyes out, his face damaged from eyebrow to cheek," said Bukiswa Dwadwa (27), the child's mother. A few hours later, police found a similar case where a baby girl abandoned by her mother who was a teenager went with his friends was killed after being attacked by a swarm of giant rats. Meanwhile, last month, Nomathemba Joyi (77) were also killed after giant rats eating his right face.

The rats that attacked the baby was believed to be a type of African Giant Pouched Rats, mice in which the rat is one of the world's largest rodents and they are more active at night, and eating all kinds, and can produce 50 children a year. Some tribes in Africa to breed mice that type to be eaten.

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