A Good Start to Re-write the pieces that have been Cleaned

A Great Day of joy

Muslims around the world yesterday to celebrate their Big Day.
We are happy and allow us the entire team wish you a happy Eid Mubarak.

We, from year to year has always felt a tremendous of happiness, welcomed the coming of the Great day.
From New Year's to Christmas Eve. Eid celebrations this year again to remind us at the point end of the year 2011.

What have we done?
What benefits have we done?
so many questions arise that we could write all day.
Whatever the questions which will arise, let us enjoy the great day that now we are greeted with joy.

A Great Symbol for Us

We have always symbolized the big day, as a safe point in our journey. During that time all the contents of our paper sheets, the Good is stored, and the bad thrown away, we are starting from a clean point. The new sheet can be freely we fill with anything, of course with all the learning we get on the last day, we will not fill the blank paper with no rules.

When the day we decided to fill the blank sheets back, we always understood one thing "what will we write now, will always be better than the days / years ago"
So, now is not just us. Your sheet also must have been emptied, begin to fill it if it is ready, because day after day will bring us to the purpose much better.

Once again let us say "Happy Eid Mubarak"
Enjoy your holiday

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