I Want to Make Games but Without Programming Knowledge - HOW?

Make games without programming skills, it is possible

if we were born 10 years ago maybe it was not possible, but now everything can happens

Today, we return to continue the previous topic we've discussed here "I Want To Make My Own Game."

At the beginning of the discussion we try to provide a basic description of a team that gave birth to a game, of all we provide is not complete and it will never be complete because we always mention the game is a collaboration of art that have no limits. Maybe for some people saying we're a bit weird and stupid, some say it is a science, but we still consider it art.
"An art that truly understand the emotional side of man."

Your mind will always create a new list, so forget the problems that have been discussed previously let's get in on the next topic.

Create games without programming knowledge today is very possible, even if you make it just by myself.

Currently we only recommend two programs that certainly is the best in our trial.
1. Game Maker - Yoyo Games
Some might even already know the program well before reading this. Some even consider it silly Drag and Drop program, even some even consider it destroys creativity.
But we say this program, "Genius."
Basically a program that embraces elements of Drag and Drop has a very clear limits to curb creativity.
I believe when a statement comes into our minds "I want to make my own game" there is no element of messing around in it, we seriously want to make a successful game played by many people

So far, the program adopts a Drag and Drop is always on the limits of making games that just to play games, hobbies, and not serious. And indeed for some people, when they realize how difficult and tiring when making a game, he will give up easily.

Gamemaker - Yoyo Games definitely gives a different dimension to the System Drag and Drop collaboration with GML system.
In the Drag and Drop system, Yoyo Games still adheres to the programming system by writing scripts and code, but this time they change some important elements into a visual form that is easily understood by beginners.

when we are already accustomed to the Drag and Drop, then when it entered into a far more complex parts of GML everything will seem much easier.

In this paper, we will not discuss more about how to use Gamemaker further, because we will continue on the other occasion.

2. Construct and Construct 2 - Scirra
Construct also adopted the same system that is making games without the need for programming skills. In contrast to the gamemaker on yoyo games, adapting the script into a visual constructs is much better than the yoyo games. Games maker can directly enter each Resource as shown in the canvas area without the need to perform calculations of X and Y.
Almost the same with Gamemaker, constructs may also be combined with a script if one day you learn it deliberately.

We will discuss how the use of these two programs in detail on the other occasions, may be a brief introduction of these two programs are pretty intense up here.
I believe maybe some feel is lacking with this brief introduction. Check out their website, download the program free of charge and you will better understand both this great program.

One final conclusion:
1. Gamemaker - Yoyogames
we make games that can be exported into EXE format for then we can sell, without any royalty obligation for the yoyo games.
The current version of HTML5 was going into BETA.
Some games are made also on a limited basis have been converted to, iPad, Android, iPhone and other platforms.

2. Construct 2 - Scirra
Scirra arguably just beginning to mature when entering the design constructs Version 2. In one version Scirra clearly still the best software to sort out their forms. In this month constructs appear in version 2 with the license itself.
Construct a version on your independently-made games you can sell without any rules as long as not violating the copyrights of others.
in Construct 2, you must purchase a license Construct 2, which is fairly cheap for then you are free to sell your games with no royalty expense.
Construct 2 is currently only in Export into HTML5 and EXE format is in the process of development.

In any terms, Gamemaker Yoyogames seemed much more mature because of the development that has entered a half decades. However, an interesting visual display and userfriendly at Construct 2 also reflects a good future for Scirra.

So, if you wanted to try these two programs, download quickly Now, learning on the free version first, once you're accustomed to, go to the Pro version

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