"Limbo" Genius Platform Puzzle Game for PC

Start Your Puzzle World with Amazing "Limbo"

Year after year, game is always increasing, with genres that present increasingly attractive and smart, balanced with the development of the Technology Era of Steve Jobs, Games clearly become an industry that could change the direction of the world. 
The presence of the game "Limbo", again made ​​us really want to go back remembering the history of this industry began.

Limbo Video

Limbo comes with the gameplay we call "genius", we do not know exactly when the game is released because we think the game is essentially timeless content, the entire world population is still playing the first version of Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, etc.. Which will undermine the eternity that is in-game technology. Because the game moves forward.

Title: LIMBOGenre: Platform, PuzzleDeveloper: PlaydeadPublisher: PlaydeadRelease Date: 2 Aug 2011Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese 

With genre-Platform Puzzle and appearance of a dark world of black and white, making the title game the most horror in the present.
At the beginning of Limbo game starts, all the sights of black silhouette, a story beginning with no opening. A boy stood up from where he lay, eyes open, and that's where your game begins.
A great confusion that will add to the mystery, which makes you go forward without direction, in the shadows of a dark silhouette of the forest.

What is this place?
Where are we?
Who are We?
And What are we doing?

In a brief description of several sites, the initial story of this game is a boy who bravely through the Forest called Limbo to find her sister who does not clearly life and death.
But for us, limbo is a dimension Imagination of boy, the dimension of imagination that shape perceptions of the form of Limbo, which everyone feared.

You will not find music that horror or touching, but an effect of horror featuring limbo, wind sounds, animal sounds, rice, water, footsteps, and all effects that will make your heart beat a split second before you know that your character has just dead.
You will not see the color of blood, or any other sadistic scenes taken as a base color in black and white. Quite animated graphics and sound effects that will make you feel the horror of it.


Important points:
An important point in this game is incredible flow, and the controls are easy.

Flow - You will be made for a moment as if this game is easy, then you will be hit by falling defeat, but the moment you win it back, all the flow is regulated by the genius pieces of the puzzle.

Control - The key of each puzzle that is difficult then to be easy is the control that we control. In limbo we only use 4 buttons motion Forward, Reverse, Skip, Squatting, and a button to pull or push objects.

The dimensions of Imagination

The dimensions imagination of the boy on the Limbo which will make the characters we play become immortal, though dead, we can live again repeated many times until the puzzle is solved.

The dimensions that will transform all things into highly fearful

Got One of your Copy from their official website here: LIMBO
(A Must have and Recommended Game)

Our Rating: 9.5/10

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