Cave Story the charming Freeware on Your PC

"One of the best ever made game that available for free download," as the phrase is spreading in several sites that recommend it and we want to be part of it to share more about Cave Story

Cave Story - Doukutsu Monogatari The Best One - Free Games

Free Games with a classic style but amazing.

Doukutsu / Cave Story Studio Pixel developed and provided for free, and already converted in various language by fans. Classic view, we certainly do not expect superb modern graphics with stunning lighting and rendering, enough with the pixels of detail, characters made ​​with details as simple as possible to strengthen each character very well, the main character, supporting characters, monsters, to the city.
Early in the story started from cave adventures, exploring the caves which were seized with various types of monsters, weapons get our first gun, drowned if we get into the water with a height up to a certain count, fight monsters, level up weapons, and a variety of storylines that will bring us strange city through the city from one side of the cave to the other side of the cave full of secrets.


In addition to the chart that is very rare to find an age now, the plot becomes interesting points that make this game very fun to play, the number of unique weapons from the polar star pistol, machine gun, missile launcher, Fireball, blade, and various variants of weapons continue to emerge, each weapon also has a level that can be increased, and the uniqueness of the power in each level.

So, Interested to try it, remember this game for free. Download in seconds and feel the mysterious adventure in Doukutsu / Cave Story.
In addition to the PC, a commercial version for the PSP to 3DS will you find in the market.

Download From Their Fan Site here : CAVE STORY / DOUKUTSU MONOGATARI [PC]

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