Whoever you are, this page was made to open up your opportunities. Yes, today we will talk about funding.

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Funding what? Our dream project funding, funding all of our creative ideas, funding all the things that certainly is the passion, motivation, and our souls.

This article will begin with a keyword, Crowdfunding.

Maybe after reading this keyword, some people will think "well, that I already know."
If you are one person who thought of the sentence that has a similar meaning with this. You have the right to continue reading this article, or to leave. 

As I wrote above, this article was created to spread about the crowdfunding opportunities to individuals or a group who do not know. Sites that I believe will be a great force the birth of an industry that has the potential to be great in the future from a qualified individual.

What is a crowdfunding?

Simple, we will get funding from all the people without any risk. In comparison, more like a crowdfunding can be interpreted as a sponsor in person and not the type of investment funding.

What is the difference between sponsor and investor?

I think you should find yourself the difference using the search engine

How does it work?

Let's explore the system in more detail. Crowdfunding is often interpreted as a medium to offer your ideas, tell the audience to buy your idea even before the idea was realized.

Why would people want to spend money to finance our project or ideas that have not even realized?

The system is trust and gifts.

Let me give you a simple example.
A great director wanted to make a film adaptation from the comic, the film has not been made yet planned to be made, he threw the idea to market crowdfunding, He told about the idea of the film to be made and the funds needed. Any person who gives funding, there is a name will be included in the movie credits, getting tickets for movie premiere, get the dvd, poster, up to dinner with the director. The larger our funds, the greater the reward offered.

If you look at this project. do you will become part of the audience who gave the funds?, ask yourself

Then, if I'm not famous but has an idea that I believe will work, what to do?

Your community, that is the essence of the crowdfunding. We have friends, relatives, family, and they also have a friend. They are people who believe in you and will help you begin a work and build your name.

  • Director or a person whose work is well known - Got a broad public confidence in the outcome of his work later.
  • We are not yet known - Start of the people closest to us who believe in our work, friends, family and believe they will help introduce us to the world. 

Crowdfunding sites exist for all people, not famous people, remember it well!?.

Well, we're half way of the detailed explanation crowdfunding.

let's take a short break and get ready to go to Part 2.

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