Drawing is Fun, Let's Enjoy Every Pull of The Line

This is the most fun article I've ever written. drawing

Drawing is fun, I always enjoy every moment for the drawing.
There are some people who are very afraid of drawing, sometimes at the school yard, I found the person who said "I can not draw!".

Listen to me, everyone can draw. drawing is an expression of our imagination. then later on there that would get me "but I have a low imagination". every word as if to slap away the world related to the drawing and imagination. a world that is admired from the outside, but some people are afraid to go into it.

Have you ever had thoughts like that?
I do not quite understand how you can reach these pages, but believe me, your efforts to find this show your passion for drawing.

But actually you are able to drawing, you just might need a little encouragement.
sometimes when we wanted to draw, we are afraid to make mistakes. do you think drawing the same as solving math problems?, about physics?
1 + 1 not always give us 2. Drawing will give you 11 or even one big giraffe, bamboo, and everything with no limit.
the drawing is about us, scratch, print out all there is in our brains, our feelings, emotions, our knowledge in whatever media we want. on paper, computer, until the neighbor's wall.

I would like to drawing, how to start it?

easy, time to prove your passion into action.
it's simple, take your stationery - no matter it's a pencil or a pen, grab the paper.

Any paper, which is important there is room for our drawing. remember not to take the eraser especially type-x.

Follow these simple rules:
"Do not use any eraser"

Now, what you are thinking?, or what you see?
Draw on paper.

Fear the results are not good?
It is our drawing, our world. did you ever go to an art exhibition, then find a painting that you do not understand then you think for a moment. "What is this, I can draw it too."
that's it, bad or good, just a man-made systems on earth. and it is not in the drawing dictionary.

Express it now, no one, not even me there.
Just you, stationery, and paper.

Start drawing, I believe you will better understand who you are, and I am sure you will smile more.
Do not believe it?
Try drawing. now

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