Relaxing Puzzle Flash Game - SKY GARDEN

One of the most fun in playing the flash game is knowing we can play it for free, and it certainly does not make us frustrated with the difficulty level of puzzles.

Relaxing our Mind in Playing Simple Puzzle Flash Game

SKY GARDEN - a flash game that we think are very successful in its application through a simple game play and the strains of music that can bring our mind into relax mode.

Start from the sound effects of wind, accompanied by soft music that makes our brains calm for a moment, and simple graphs that bring us into the story sky garden.

SKY Garden offers a kind of puzzle game play that tells the story of a garden in the sky. An island that floated among the clouds and overgrown trees.

Game play

  • Our job is simple, change every tree into the river.
  • When changing the tree into the river, each row or column that is in contact with the location of the tree, will turn into water.
  • Path a tree with another tree should not be collided - or the water will damage the other trees. 
  • Sometimes you will be given the assistance of one or several pieces of hoes, to make a hole in a path between the trees.
  • Consisting of 55 Stages.
This flash game despite having more than 50 puzzle stages, the degree of difficulty was not too increased significantly for each increase in level, which could be said to be also easy to solve.

Very suitable game for everyone from adult, children, and anyone who likes a light puzzle flash game and interested to spend your spare time.

and most importantly, this game free to play whenever you are.

BGM: 4.5 / 5
SFX: 4.5 / 5
Graphics: 2.5 / 5
Gameplay: 3/5
Addicting: 2/5

TOTAL: 3.3 / 5

So try this game on your PC, or your tablet, and create your own version of the rating.

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