6 Simple Steps to Start Drawing Human

Basic tips on drawing human for every beginner. follow this important two basic rules first:
1. read it
2. do it

Well you now want to drawing people.
may all of a sudden you think want to drawing your girlfriend, your wife, or just want to awaken your artistic soul.

Believe me, drawing the human is a most enjoyable process.
we seemed to make a life there, we turn on a man, children, girl, who stood there maybe she was dancing, smoking, or just laugh. I sensed she was now living in the world that I created.

But remember we turn it on, but still we are not God, remember that.

Let's get started.
I still remember as a kid there was no internet, that guide me just one thing. comics. I am sure you have it right?
and my first 3 characters of drawing. Songoku in Dragonball, Ninja Hattori, and Donald Duck.

Now there is internet, what do you do if you want to drawing people? you will find it and maybe that's one reason you arrived on this page.

On the internet I see millions of pages that try to teach you, believe it or not, you can actually drawing people. you just record it in the head but not yet recorded in the memory of your hand.

One way to record it to the memory of your hand is starting to imitate.

1. take one example, whether it's drawing a model, or your girlfriend, or your favorite superhero characters, or comic book that inadvertently now in front of your desk. select one. the only person you can see completely from head to toe.

2. I do not require you to start from where, but if you ask my advise. I always start from the eyes.
The human eye has a shape like a leaf. start drawing those eyes until you are satisfied.

3. Now combined with the shape of the nose, mouth, and facial hair. remember, now you're imitating drawing of your choice, instead of creating your own character.

4. Do points 2 and 3 to as closely as possible with the example, until you are satisfied, I believe you can judge for yourself, if not, ask someone close to you, your family, girlfriend, friends, etc..

5. After that, began to enter details of the body, hands, hips and legs. according to the earlier example we choose.

6. Finished, really easy. nah do you happy with the results? not yet? nice, do steps 1-6 until as closely as possible with examples. repeat until you are satisfied.

Learn to draw a human or whatever will always begin with imitate, record it in the memory of your hands - when memory heads and our hands have reached the same point then you are ready to create you own character.

"Draw at least 10 times, I believe by itself you will feel what you have done."

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