Start to Make Your Game in One day, Monetize it, and Create Another Great Game

Make Your First Game Start Today - Start from Making One Day Game

way to those of you who love the game, want to make a game, and gets income from making game.

Emanuele Feronato a programmer from Italian, did a very interesting short experiment. He divided into 3 categories of flash games, 1 day game, 1 week games, and 1 month games. The first step if you determined to become a professional game maker, start making your first game, from the game we call 1 day game.

Like how we call the name "one day game", is a game that you can make in just one day.
You simply make a simple game that you can finish in 1 day preparation, game 1 day tend to have poor graphics(so don't think about the graphic), but still fun to play. from experience, Emanuele start his adventure with "1 day game" titled Circle Chain.

If you are gaming enthusiasts who love surfing to find a new game, then maybe you've already played this game. From this simple game, Feronato immediately tossed into the market to monetize it and make money - and now it already developed into app for iPhone or iPad.

from "1 day game", he jump into more complex game making "1 week game", monetize it, and go up to " 1 month game".

Here's the example of each game category:
"One Day Game" -  Circle Chain.
"One Week Game" - Bloon.
"One Month Game" - Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

With this 3 different game making time and process, you can already guess about the quality. Game Designing, Graphic, and Sound.

So which one the better for you start your first game?

Making game was a work of team, not single people. Nobody can handle all the source needs by one game, except you want to spent 5 years like Cave story creator. If you believe time is money, then start create your team to make it, but if you want to try it by yourself "One Day Game" can become the solution. Single man work still great for game project with work range between "One day Game" and "One Week Game", for "One Month Game" love it or not, you need team.

How we monetize?

Maybe this is the part you love and wait most, or maybe you skip whole things up there and just scroll down to this one. Monetize mean launched your game to the market, get sponsored, or get advertiser to generate income.
Believe me, the industry on the net now open widely for you, the chance for you to make your game big with great income maybe can become your future living passive income.

The process was simple, the field already there for you to mine your gold - the only need is they need your most awesome game, the more awesome it is, the more money you will get, that's the rule.

I will not explained it detail here, step by step how to monetize your first game instead I will suggest you check Emanuelle experiment proecss. From creating game, how he released his first "One Day Game", until How much money he generate from all the game he made(statistic), published on the market, get sponsor, and many more.

here you go the game profit experiments in 9 Parts Post:
Experiment: monetizing a Flash game

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