Matrix Rampage Flash Game Online Free

Matrix Rampage

Genre: Action
Platform: Web Browser - Flash
Prize: Free


Matrix Rampage Flash Game Online Free

For all the loyal fan's of Matrix, you might be a little entertained with this simple game, or maybe you've been played it before.

Matrix Rampage is a simple action game created in Flash that you can play in the browser. The game will starts without any opening or music. So be ready.


with multilevel buildings as a background, you will begin to be attacked by the agents emerging from the staircase, doors, from upstairs or the sky.

Some agents will try to beat you by throwing flower pots, chairs, tables, steel, sword, or even a gun. Your task is to survive as long as possible.

You can also take a gun from an agent you defeated, taking the furniture such as chairs, tables, or trash cans or swords, sticks, until jumps are used to seeing in the Matrix or a fist fight with bare hands.


Survive as long as possible from the growing number of attacks increase in each level.


Try this game and give your own assessment, we would like to talk a lot, but we're sure your goal here is to find an interesting game for you to play. So don't waste your time anymore.

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