Ragnarok Online 2 English Version Close Beta

RO 2 English Version Ready to Download - Free MMORPG 2013

For anyone who has ever played the game Ragnarok, if you are included, the news of the emergence of series 2 of the most phenomenal online game Ragnarok, make some online gamers looking for a way to play an early version of it, though still in the Korean language in 2011.

The years passed, Ragnarok Online 2 finally presented in the English version.

The launch of this time, obviously be good news for all gamers who have been waiting to try the open beta. Later, many of which eventually had to be disappointed with the gameplay that seem ordinary and less innovation, which seem still use ragnarok gameplay early series, ie click, attack, skill, etc..

Apart from a few who expressed dismay, ragnarok online 2 games still get a good impression of the world gamer. Depth of features, and a variety of favorite characters from Poring, lunatic, to the boss monster Baphometh now presented in the form of a 3D world with a very smooth line Art and the environment that is very intriguing.


In terms of class, ragnarok 2 has some drastic changes - one of which is at stage 1 class merchant / blacksmith that can usually be selected in ragnarok, who now can no longer been a primary profession, but a profession that can be owned by anyone between 2 options a side profession.

Open Beta to Close Beta

Now Ragnarok Online 2 has entered the closed beta stage, which was originally planned for the end of December. Opening in December turned out to be a surprise, the player spikes so enormous to make some server RO 2 Online experiencing major problems. The launch of RO 2 closed beta finally postponed until early january.
And now Ragnarok Online 2 has been released, you can soon enjoy it now also free, download clientnya, patch, register an account and play


For sound, still using the Korean language, however series these still showing RO 2 english well in Quest, NPC items, detail items, etc..

So Have fun

Download Ragnarok Online 2 Client at Official Site,  Do little Patch, and If you was live in one of the unavailable country, you really need VPN Software to bypass the Gate, and Finally Enjoy the Brand New Ragnarok Online 2

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