LONE Survivor [PC]

Lone Survivor present in 2012, to all lovers or Fans of the survival horror game genre - with 2D retro style.

Although this game looks like it will be simple, because the graphics display, the allegations turned out to be wrong. Real fact, Lone Survivor designed with remarkable features. You will be taken to the 2D horror world with creepy atmosphere and full of mystery storyline.

The application of the sound, background, and the gameplay will bring you explore the locked building, rooms, toilets where filled with zombies. You will need to sleep, you have to find a gun and bullets fill, you have to find a stove and a source of food to cook, even the simplest things, seeking a substitute battery to keep your flashlight ON in the Darkness.

One of the most interesting is the Lone Survivor teleport mirror, I call it like that, because you can find a mirror that can be connected directly to your room, just for sleep, cook, or save your progress.

The second interesting thing, if you are maniacs enough to find out who is the developer of this game, you will find the name of Jasper Byrne. Indie game developer who created all aspects of the Lone Survivor mostly alone. Start from designing, programming, graphic artist for the game source, until composing for every music and sound effects on Lone Survivor.

If you are curious - do not waste your time.
Get your game copy here soon or Demo Version If you want to try before you buy.
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