Street Fighter X Mega Man - Free Games for 25th Anniversary

Fans + Capcom = Street Fighter X Megaman

In the spirit of celebrating 25th of 2 legendary game titles, Capcom collaborating with the fans released the free game 8 bit Street Fighter X Mega Man, takes us briefly trace the passage of time to the days of the first game display. 

Created and developed by singapore developer, Seow Hui Zong, with original soundtrack by Luke Esquivel and supported by Capcom, Street Fighter X Megaman launched.

As in the majority of the Megaman gameplay, which had to fight the bosses with a variety of skills each, start from cutman using scissors, fireman using a fire, and many more, now the boss that must be faced by Megaman, is Street Fighter Characters.

Still using the simple classic game play: jump, shoot, and special skill which very identical to Megaman title. Choose your Boss, defeat them and steal their skill to grow more stronger.

Title: Street Fighter X Mega Man
Size: 33.81 MB
Price: Free
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment.

For those of you who can not wait, you can get the game at the link below, play and be part of the celebration of 25 years of the legendary series games in the Street Fighter X Mega Man.


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