Metal Slug Flash Webbrowser Flash

Game Name: Metal Slug Flash
Genre: Action
Platform: Web browser Flash
Prize: Free

If you are big fan's of classic game "Metal Slug", you certainly can't miss this one on your browser.


Stick with the Metal Slug gameplay style "Run and Gun", Metal Slug Flash came with brand new amazing graphic style combined with same classic gameplay - will take us surf deep into the modern style of Metal slug. Interesting background, character design Leo, Enemy Soldiers, and other characters that create with little typical japanese anime style.

Long Combat

Stick with unlimited pistol, and various weapon like machine gun that can be obtained when the game goes on.

The Limited Hand grenade that has become the hallmark of Metal Slug games.

Close Combat

For close combat this time it will a little different, if in the previous series we have a knife to defeat an enemy soldiers, here we use a frying pan.

Main Character

Leo: The majority of all people who play will use this character
Erica: The character is available in a selection characters, but oddly enough, the option has not been active for use Erica - which may still be in the development stage.


Maybe you will be surprised when entering the game page to play. You will find this game, comes with Chinese. but I am sure it will not reduce your desire to play. I'm sure you can find a button without having to understand the language.

So what are you waiting, enjoy it in your browser now

Start Play Metal Slug Flash

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